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Venus Portable Wine Chiller

Venus Portable Wine Chiller

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Venus Portable Wine Chiller is designed for the most sophisticated wine lovers. Thoughtfully crafted using premium materials for a modern, sleek look, compact and 100% portable.

  • Temperature range: Choose your desired temperature 8°C/ 46°F to 20°C / 68°F
  • Battery capacity: Long lasting from 2.5 to 4 hours



    • Portable Wine Chiller x1 
    • Rechargeable battery x1 
    • Charging station x1 
    • Charging cable x1 
    • User guide x1    


    We provide a two-year warranty for the main unit and a one-year warranty for the battery from the purchase date. The warranty does not cover damage or loss of accessories (such as packaging materials, wires, manuals, etc.).

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    • Features

      • Equipped with an high-efficiency dual cooling system that maintains temperatures as low as 8℃ without the need for ice and without damaging wine labels.
      • Features a long-lasting, safety-certified, and removable battery with a usage time of up to 2.5-4 hours.
      • Sophisticated semiconductor microchip and Infrared/ IC temperature sensor provide accurate temperature control.
      • Exquisitely designed by renowned experts, this VIVANT portable wine cooler is compact, easy to carry and can also serve as a beautiful decorative art piece in the home.
      • The bottle's 7-degree slope conforms to ergonomics, and the transparent design makes it easy to identify wine labels.
      • Supports both plug-in and offline battery-powered charging and usage, making it suitable for various scenarios.