The Future Of Wine Serving

Perfect Wine

Wine Fact: A single degree can make or break your wine!
With VIVANT your wine will always maintain it's pristine temp.

Perfect Design

When you utilize advanced tech with high class living you get VIVANT. We have perfected the perfect design to pair with the perfect lifestyle.

Perfect Power

Bring. It. Everywhere!
With our portable batteries, you can bring your cooler anywhere!

Perfect Control

Maintain the perfect temperature for your wine.
Maintain 8°c~20°c for hours on end.

Perfectly Served

With the press of a button, have your wine be perfectly served to you without compromise. We don't offer you a luxury, we offer you a lifestyle.

Your Favorite Wine Perfectly Served, Anytime, Anywhere, Without Compromise.

Precise Cooling Technology

Designed using semiconductors utilized in the Taiwanese Air Force, we've invented the most efficient and reliable way to cool wine.
With lower power consumption, higher efficiency, and a stronger lifespan. You've never seen anything like this

We Offer You Precise Luxury That Will Never Fail You.

More Than A Machine

Every faint fruity taste, every euphoric scent, every wise aging year your wine tells you a story of it's life.
VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler expands each nuance to your experience, every palate to perfection, anytime, anywhere.

VIVANT Is The Story Of Life, The Story Of You.


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