Enjoy Wine, Enjoy Vivant.

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VIVANT derives from the French phrase “bon vivant”, a reference to the enjoyment all the best the culinary world has to offer. This reflects our aim to empower our wine-obsessed community in its exploration of the best in fine wine. In short, we’re here to help you unlock the secrets of wines’ flavors, without compromise.


VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler is designed to maintain the ideal temperature for your wine from storage to serving with absolute precision. We’ve made it 100% portable so there are no limits to where you can enjoy your wine. The cooler has an extended battery life and versatile volume capacity. A fully charged battery can last through a full course dinner and the cooling chamber accommodates all bottle shapes across still and sparkling wines. For a complete experience, the bottle label is visible through a transparent window in the face of the cooler.


Any wine expert will tell you not only is it essential to store fine wine in the proper condition, but it is also crucial to serve at its optimal state – and this includes at the ideal temperature. White wines are most often served too cold, and reds served too warm resulting in a loss of the complexity and finesse that are the hallmarks of the finest labels. VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler maintains your favorite wine’s perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop, with zero downtime.


lightweight, elegant design with a beautiful display… it is a gadget to make your wine life better, for sure.

Luma, Decanter Wine Judge

It puts premium wine chilling and serving on a higher level… its sleek modern design is perfect alongside your everyday glassware.

Amiann, Wine Educator

With the VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler, you can say goodbye to a good bottle of wine being ruined because the temperature wasn’t right.”

Andrea Zigrossi, Sommelier